Our company has established this Privacy Policy to ensure the proper handling of personal data as an organization, in accordance with the 'Personal Information Protection Law' ('Personal Information Protection Act).

1 Name of Company


2 Compliance with Related Laws and Guidelines

Our company complies with the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations, as well as the ""Guidelines on the Personal Information Protection Law"" and other guidelines, to ensure the proper handling of personal data.

3 Purpose of Use

Our company will use personal information within the scope of the purposes of use described in "Handling of Personal Information."

4 Security Measures

To protect your personal information from unauthorized access on this site, our company uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer), an industry-standard encryption method for data transfer.

Handling of Personal Information

FLAME Ltd. (henceforth referred to as "We") shall exercise extreme caution when handling personal information.

  1. 1. Personal Information
    Personal information refers to information about an individual, which can identify a specific individual by a name, date of birth, and other descriptions contained in the information (including information that can be easily matched with other information, thereby identifying a specific individual).
  2. 2. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

    We will collect personal information for the following purposes.

    Personal Information Related to Business Partners
    • Necessary communication for fulfilling services, contracts, conducting negotiations, etc.
    • Managing personal information of business partners
    Personal Information Received via Inquiries
    • Responding to inquiries
    Personal Information Provided by Individuals During the Hiring Process
    • Sending information, contacting and notifying applicants
    • Notifying results during the hiring process
  3. 3. Providing Personal Information to Third Parties
    We do not secondarily use or provide personal information obtained from inquiry forms to third parties.
  4. 4. Contact Information
    For inquiries and complaints/concerns regarding personal information, please contact us using one of the methods below.
    Web - Contact form
    Post - 5-3-3 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku Tsukiji Hama-Rikyu Bldg. 4F, Tokyo, Japan 104-0045
    ATTN: FLAME Ltd., Personal Information Management Officer