OUR PURPOSEFan the FLAME of the world
through creativity


This is the mission of FLAME.
And through this mission, we are constantly looking for ways to bring even a little bit more joy to those around the world.

OUR VISION Bring the world together
through digital art


OUR MISSION Everyone who works together with us is an artist

Connect the physical and digital world together through high quality computer graphics and provide new value to the Art of the world.

そんな私たちは、高品質なコンピュータグラフィックスでフィジカルとデジタルをつなぎ、世界の “Art” に新しい価値を創造していきます。

  • digital GRAPHICS
  • digital SOLUTIONS
  • digital CONTENT
Digital Art


  • 3D Computer Graphic Production
  • Video Production for Game Machines
  • Video Production for Games
  • Game Asset Production
  • VFX


  • Digital Solutions
  • Mobile App Development
  • Mission Critical System Development
  • NFT Related Development


  • Content Marketing
  • Character Goods Production
  • Original Content Planning

FLAME is advancing its business through 3D Computer Graphics, Solution Development, and Content Planning. Additionally, we are collaborating with global companies to forge a new frontier in the 3D computer graphics industry.